Engineering Solutions in

Our engineering skills have benefited a wide range of sectors, with the solutions we devise always practical, cost-effective and robust.

These are just three examples of where we have made a difference.

Low volume, low cost replacement parts
A plastic bag manufacturer with a 24-hour production operation, was in regular need of machinery replacement parts due to wear and tear. The manufacturer of the equipment was taking 5-6 weeks to deliver the parts, which meant significant production down time, plus the costs of the parts were high.

We were able to make the parts in a matter of days and at a notably lower cost than charged by the manufacturer, saving considerable production down time as well as money.

Prototype design
We were approached by a designer who was looking to find a faster way of embedding motorway safety barriers in the ground. The existing method entailed hammering them into place, which was a fairly lengthy procedure, and the proposed new method was to vibrate them in.

We worked with the designer at the feasibility stage of the new method, then created a fully operating prototype that was successfully tested in the field.

New machinery design consultancy
A food production company was looking to develop new production line machinery that would improve its productivity and performance and would comprise of parts with increased longevity.

We acted as consultants on the project, helping to develop a viable design that fully met the requirements and within budget.

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